Studio Toogood for Hermès petit h

We are still amazed by the work of Studio Toogood, when they collaborated with Hermès for their petit h collection, at the end of last year. Hermès petit h was established in 2010 as a series of products using the brand’s offcuts and rejected stock, which proved to be a highly inspiring concept for designer Faye Toogood. The entire ground floor of the flagship Bond Street store was dedicated to a custom-designed interior that acted as an antidote to London West End slickness. The created aesthetic for the store reminds us highly of the work of Anish Kapoor and is one of the more daring designs we witnessed within the field of (luxury) retail spaces.

In keeping with petit h’s theme of exuberant reinvention, Studio Toogood repurposed the utilitarian main white space of the store filling it with objects with the distinctive shapes and templates of signature Hermès bags. The series of sculptural displays in glossy leather and resin instantly catch the eye. Meanwhile, the windows functioned as a homage to the petit h craftsmen. Tools from each of the trades were scaled up in linear neon and set against dramatic drapes assembled from offcuts and remnants of the house’s iconic silk scarves and bound together with scarlet-pigmented resin.

Key in the process leading to the daring store was a visit to the Hermès petit h atelier by designer Feye Toogood: 

The piece that caught my eye was a leather off-cut of a signature Hermès bag pattern. The hide was a skeleton of the negative shapes left after the pattern cutters had cut the intricate shapes. It was so inspiring to see a person working within such an established house, finding beauty in the unexpected.

Despite looking like an abattoir, the studio insists that the inspiration for the design of the store came from the craftsmanship that goes into creating the petit h products: “It goes without saying that this brand is truly inspiring in the way it relentlessly pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and materials.”

That being said, we love how Studio Toogood inspired us, with its highly creative approach towards the concept of a luxury retail space.

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