Stratifications is a beautiful collection of five objects by Paris-based designer Krzysztof J. Lukasik, based on the complementarity between the simplicity of the designed forms and sophistication of the texture of the laminated marble. One of the goals of Lukasik was to rid marble of the heaviness it is often associated with in funeral monuments, making it more suitable for the modern interiors. The technique of laminated marble used by the designer is a way to break the massive aspect of marble by slicing it and also to use otherwise unused scraps, just like with glued laminated wood. Lukasik found this approach to the natural stone collaborating with an experienced stone mason. The outcome of the laminating of the marble allows to bring forth the graphic aspect of marble by breaking the linear pattern of the natural veining. The series of objects is somewhat an echo of the natural stratified appearance of marble as found in quarries, before being transformed.

A main inspiration in Krzysztof J. Lukasik‘s work is classical culture. In a conversation with London Design Journal he states:

I see my work as an echo, but also my own interpretation of already existing concepts. Most of the time I start with an existing object. I’m an observer. I spend time thinking and doing research. The history of an object helps me to give it a new context, to make something different out of it.

Lukasik met Mr. Dérudet, the stone mason he collaborated with on this project, 3 years ago, when he was preparing his diploma at the Fine Arts Academy in Lyon. When asked about the collaboration he says: “This collaboration is not only about transmitting his know-how and my vision of design but it’s all about human relationship. When I’m entering his workshop, he and his wife, always joke that ‘hard work has begun, holidays are over’. He told me once that collaborating with me was like a breath of fresh air in his work, mainly as a funeral mason.”

Stratification was first revealed to the public at Young Creative Poland: 4 Years On during London Design Festival last September.

Photography by Wojtek Spychalski.

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