Stevenson Overall Co.

Tokyo-based Stevenson Overall Co. is the product of the collaboration between Zip Stevenson and Atsusuke Tagaya. The brand originally existed in Portland, USA in 1920’s-30’s and was relaunched by Zip and Atsusuke in 2005. The collections of Stevenson Overall Co. derive directly from Stevenson’s and Tagaya’s shared deep interest in vintage denim and leather goods. One of the founding goals was to redevelop the process of creating jeans with a “flat felled seam”, which arises from sewing methods used before the 1920’s. For Stevenson and Tagaya the unconventional sewing method is key, as they value the original taste from the hand made goods that has been consistent from the time of the original brand establishment. The different styles in the collections are created with inspirations from vintage clothes, fabrics and art and the pursuit of designs and details that were lost but not forgotten. Stevenson and Tagaya create suitable clothes for this modern time: “nostalgic but new, modern and universal.”

In the words of Atsusuke Tagaya:

The concept of the Stevenson Overall Co. is to make very high quality clothing to be optionally worn at work, when lucky enough to be able to wear what you want, or casually after work and on the weekends.

Zip Stevenson’s deep interest in the story behind clothing from the turn of the last century, even before Stevenson Overall Co. was founded, resulted in a large garment collection and sincere vintage garment knowledge. Both these factors play a major role within everything Stevenson Overall Co. produces. Based on Stevenson’s collection and any other authentic source, the collections by Stevenson are created by close examination of early functional clothing: workwear, military and outdoor from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s and takes the best ideas in them and mixes them with their vision to create clothing of the highest standard. Next to the actual designs, Stevenson also plays a role in the production of his garments, which are created from the best materials available in Japan in collaboration with the best factories in the business making the brand an impressive hybrid between the aesthetic and knowledge from a century ago made in the best possible garments of today.

We really appreciate the aesthetic of the collections and the ethic of Stevenson and Tagaya. In this season’s collection the outerwear is phenomenal and the indigo three-piece suit really stands out.

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