Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop

Over the last few year the cycling population of Paris (and the rest of the world) has boomed, with many of these Parisian riders – not surprisingly – style-conscious. With all kinds of cycle clubs having opened their doors over the globe, catering to the ever-growing group of cycling lover worldwide, now France’s capital also has a spot for enthousiasts to gather and get their gear. With its pale wood and a granite counter, one finds the newly opened Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop at 58 rue de la Fontaine au Roi having stocked a tremendous curation of products, next to the possibility of getting a La Brûlerie Belleville coffee – the best coffee roasters in Paris according to Mr Porter. Whenever you are up for a espresso, flicking through the latest Steel Magazine or meeting other riders for a possible ride: Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop is the new place to be.

Because we believe that cycling is more than just a way of getting around and that a cyclists’ clothing can be a channel of expression, the Steel Cyclewear shop offers a selection of original clothes and accessories that have been designed to transform your experience of urban and competitive cycling.

The interior design was done by architect Julie Deglesne, who went for a choice of materials and designs that best translated the spirit of magazine. The new space is bright and streamlined, with raw materials : granite, wood, ceramic and glass. The hierarchy is designed to meet the needs of the project: all at once a café, a shop, a showroom and an office for Steel Magazine. The balance between these four spaces is based on their complementarity: each of them interacts with the other’s atmosphere. The architecture is flexible and modular, with custom-designed furniture allowing for multiple setups.

Our new space showcases the most exciting urban and outdoor cycling brands from the US, the UK, Australia or Japan. Offering a mix of cutting-edge technology, functionality and elegance, these brands share their passion for cycling and the cycling lifestyle. Featured in the pages of Steel Magazine and selected for their originality and technicality, these imported brands are available for the first time in the Paris exclusively at the Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop.

Photography by Benoit Soualle.

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