Last month, a new outdoor light festival named Lumiere London debuted in England’s capital. For us the undisputed highlight of the 4 day event was the impressive ‘Spectra-3’ installation created by London-based creative studio FIELD: a 3 meter tall sculpture surrounded by animated lights and spatialized sound. Based around a mirror disc moving on two axes, the ‘Spectra-3’ created a choreography of movement, light and sound, and illuminates its surroundings with dancing reflections. In the words of FIELD: the project celebrates humanity’s inexhaustible optimism to advance technology, all with the aim of understanding our place in the universe. Although, regularly criticized for its reliance on style over substance, there’s an undeniable intrinsic quality in the practice of creating technology based aesthetic projects which we really appreciate. Obviously, even the greatest cynic can’t deny the inherently (positive) constructive quality of the field, having strong roots in the modern times we live in. Being one of the most elegant creations in its genre ‘Spectra-3’ is in our eyes not just a highly eye pleasing piece, but also a relevant frame to contemplate todays ever-growing reliance on technology and its quality to stimulate self-reflection.

We’re fascinated by sculpture as a medium – as a semi-timebased and abstract narrative medium, which interacts with its environment through light, perspective, etc. We’re approaching these new physical and sculptural projects with the same generative and code-based thinking that we’ve developed as our workflow over the years.

The inspirational creative studio FIELD is based in London working at the intersection of art, design and technology. FIELD has created work for galleries, festivals, and public installations in Europe, the United States and Asia, including La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and the China Museum for Digital Art, the Museum of London and the British Library. Led by co-founders Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn, the studio collaborates with global brands on commissioned artworks, installations, film and interactive experiences.

‘Spectra-3’ is the third piece in FIELD’s Spectra series of physical-digital sculptures that create sensory experiences with light, kinetics and sound.

Following Lumiere London, ‘Spectra-3’ is now available for commissions and exhibitions on request.

Photography by James Medcraft.

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