Snowdon Blue

Today Acne will release its latest collaboration, an ode to the blue shirt, a book with sixty portraits by London born photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, better known as Lord Snowdon. It will be a beautiful collection of blue shirts inspired by those worn by the famous people in Snowdon’s portraits, including Ralph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Graham Greene, Sidney Nolan, Manolo Blahnik, Agatha Christie, Tony Blair, David Bowie, and the Prince and Princess of Wales, to mention a few.

Today, the shirt collection and the book, assembled and edited by Snowdon’s youngest daughter, Frances von Hofmannsthal, will be presented together with an exhibition of portraits at the Acne Studios London, and will travel to Paris, Stockholm and New York. (via Sportswear Int)

“The blue shirt is anonymous and yet kind of a uniform.
It is like a simple backdrop that leaves us to focus on the sitter’s face without being distracted.”

—Lord Snowdon