Slanted 24 — Istanbul

Istanbul, the beautiful city on the Bosphorus, is famous for its countless minarets, magnificent palaces, colorful markets and traders, seagulls and stray cats. The Turkish city is the only metropolis in the world that unites two continents. Traditional crafts collide with a young and blossoming art and design scene, which is slowly changing the face and image of the city. The 24th issue of inspirational Karlsruhe-based magazine Slanted takes a close-up look at contemporary design work and all the tumultuous developments in this cultural melting pot city balanced between the Orient and the Occident. On their one-week-trip the Slanted team met 15 design studios and produced comprehensive studio portraits which provide a vivid and up-to-the-minute picture of the scene. The resulting video interviews have been enriched with video material from the Shutterstock collection, and finally, thanks to augmented reality and the Junaio app, readers can easily watch embedded videos of the Istanbul turu on mobile devices. So good!

The issue is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography and fine art from contemporary culture. The cover is dedicated to Metin Edremit, the designer of the original “Istanbul symbol” whose design won first place in a competition 1969. The “logo” symbolizes many things, such as the seven hills upon which Istanbul was built and the city skyline. With small, formal changes, it now graces the 2-color printed letterpress-cover.

The extra booklet added to the issue, named ‘Contemporary Typefaces’ presents fourteen recently published typefaces which the Slanted team thinks are important and interesting, among which are some familiar names like Peter Bilak of Typotheque with ‘Lava’, ‘ Alverata’ by Gerard Unger of TypeTogether, Oliver Jeschke’s and Oliver Mayer’s ‘Version 1 International’, ‘Euclid Flex’ by the Swiss Typeface design team, ‘Karol Sans’ by Daniel Sibino of Type-Ø-Tones and finally ‘Walmer Marker’ by Jarno Lukkarila of Typolar, among others.

Ready to visit Istanbul now!

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