Single Speed Basel

When we visited Basel World last April we came across a wonderful store founded in 2010 by Michael Seelinger called Single Speed. The store excels in it’s curation of bicycles, a broad spectrum of bicycles-accesoires and at the same time a significant selection of fashion. The bicycles (related) selection with a specific classic aesthetic determines the major part of the store, but a third of the 100 square meters of the retail space is dedicated to fashion.

The former plumber and advertising agency owner Seelinger wants his bicycles to represent lifestyles from the ’20s to the ’70’s, without being nostalgic as his bicycles still are of the highest contemporary standard when it comes to the technical quality. The store offers bicycles by brands like Abici, Brompton, Cinelli, Milani and Pinarello. When it comes to the fashion Single Speed offers Seelinger made a selection with a clear classic aesthetic offering brands like Nigel Cabourn, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Buttero and hats by Stetson.

When in Basel make sure to visit Single Speed!