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The Selby in Morocco

Yet another beautiful series by the always inspiring Todd Selby, who shared his photographs after traveling through beautiful Morocco at the end of last year. With his signature color-orientated eye, the Selby reveals some tremendous shades of blue in different Moroccan cities. The color is famous for being the dominant choice when it comes to the facades of structures - both building as roads and passages - within the city of  Chefchaouen (often referred to as the most colorful city of the world), but also in Yves Saint Laurent's favorite Moroccan city, Marrakesh the photographer finds deep blues, which we love. His last destinations lays some 50 kilometers South of Marrakesh and is known as some of the more beautiful mountain retreats of Morocco, named Tamadot. There he visited the award-winning Kasbah Tamadot hotel, which was bought by Sir Richard Branson during one of his famous ballooning expeditions some years ago and has become a destination of choice for those who value peaceful quiet elegance, rather than loud luxury. Each of the 27 rooms and suites has been individually decorated to reflect the beautiful architecture of the building and features antiques from all over the world. We love these beautiful glimpses of colorful Morocco through the eyes of The Selby. [ Continue reading ]

Yuriko Takagi by The Selby

We really like this series by the always inspiring Todd Selby in which he portrays the beautiful Tokyo studio of the visionary Japanese photographer and fashion designer Yuriko Takagi. In signature Selby-style every little detail that is worth seeing is highlighted in the recognizable colorful photographs of the light studio of Takagi. The Tokyo-based is best known for her studies of the human body and ethnic elements used in in fashion photography combines earthly Japanese serenity with folkloristic souvenirs from all her worldwide travels, from dolls and masks to a rather large collection of garments. And even her history as a fashion designer is still reflected by the Singer sewing machine which seems to not get a whole lot of action anymore though. Yet another highly inspiring photographic story by The Selby. [ Continue reading ]

The Fashionable Selby

We have been a fan of the work of Todd Selby from the moment he stepped into the limelight. His latest work 'Fashionable Selby' is his third collaboration with publisher Abrams books, in which the photographer moves his gaze onto the world of fashion. The book features profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, models, shoemakers and other fascinating figures. The subjects are wonderfully curated; with some very familiar faces and others totally unexpected. Chapters on individual artists bring readers into the utmost inner circle of the artists, and include Selby’s signature photographs and watercolors of not only the artists and their environments, but also the things that inspire them, the materials they use, their creative process, the people who work alongside them, and the final pieces. From the showroom of the incredible Dries van Noten, the studios of Central St. Martins in London to 'techno fashion designer' Iris van Herpen's studio: Selby continues his wonderful documentation of highly inspiring people and their environments in his signature bright aesthetic. [ Continue reading ]

Fiskebar by The Selby

Love The Selby’s view on Copenhagen’s Fiskebar. In the raw and light interior with the beautiful aquarium ‘you can snack in the bar, kick back on the sofas, sit at the tables inside, or enjoy the evening sun from under the canopy outside. You can share… [ Continue reading ]

Katsuya Kamo by The Selby

Todd Selby shot another great space. This time it is the house of Tokyo based hairstylist Katsuya Kamo. Walls filled with art, animals and treasures and scrapbooks crammed with pictures and inspiration. Specially love the flower artwork where he is working on at that… [ Continue reading ]

Tom Sachs by The Selby

Todd Selby released his second short movie portraying the New York based artist Tom Sachs in his studio. I’ve always been a big fan of Sachs’ work, and love his ‘Knolling‘ (the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as… [ Continue reading ]

The Selby is Online

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Todd Selby shared his complete book, The Selby is in Your Place, online at Issuu, until friday next friday. Check it out, and buy the book (which will last longer than next friday ;-))… [ Continue reading ]

Louis Vuitton Express

The summer has always been a time to travel. In the coming posts we will feed that desire even more. First the incredible tour by Todd Selby in collaboration with Louis Vuitton on their way from Paris to Shanghai on the Louis Vuitton Express. A train ride… [ Continue reading ]

Charles Matton — Enclosures

I love studio’s, ateliers, factories, places where things are being made, crafted and created. Like Todd Selby showed us the homes-, and Paul Barbera the workshops of the creative class in photography, so did Charles Matton in miniature versions of famous artists’ studios, including Freud’s, Giacometti’s and Bacon’s, giving us a close look behind the scenes of these masters. Along with these the miniature spaces represent real world interiors and revisited memories from Matton’s own life. [ Continue reading ]

Rockaway Taco

I very much liked the series of pictures by Todd Selby of Andrew Field, Rockaway Taco, posted a few months back. Now The Selby made a movie on Rockaway Taco as the first in a new series of videos. Looking forward to the upcoming videos! (Via… [ Continue reading ]

Cole Haan

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Todd Selby goes one step further in photographing places on a commercial base. He just shot a beautiful series of picture for the Cole Haan fall 2010 ad campaign in Portland and Brooklyn. Again, lovely shots from inspiring people and places. [ Continue reading ]

Andrew Field

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Nice new series of pictures by The Selby: Andrew Field – chef at Rockaway Taco – Rockaway Beach Queens. [ Continue reading ]

The Inspired Life

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The Selby recently worked on a project to interview a group of inspiring people for the Cole Haan Spring Summer 2010 campaign. Some really nice portraits of some very inspiring people indeed! Check them all at The Selby and at… [ Continue reading ]

in Your Place

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More news from The Selby. Todd Selby put together his best and never-before-seen shots from more than 30 people, along them Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler, Faris Rotter, Andre Walker and Olivier Zahm, in his first book The Selby Is in Your Place. ‘The result is a collection of… [ Continue reading ]

Where They Create

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We love The Selby, we love to have a sneak peek in the lives and interiors of creatives, and we love good photography. All together it makes ‘Where They Create‘, a project by interior photographer Paul Barbera. Beautiful places, through the eyes of Paul,… [ Continue reading ]