Satisfy Spring/Summer 2017

When we spoke to April77 and Satisfy founder Brice Partouche last October, he promised that the coming third collection of his new subversive movement in athletic gear would embody the complete ambition that formed the incentive to start the new endeavor, launched about a year ago. Despite taking up a rather unique position in the existing field of performance-focussed running apparel from the very beginning, in his own words; the first two collections still missed something, whether that be in the cultural references infused in them or the high performance elements, being as strong a component in the Satisfy products as all the other brands doing running gear.

Like everything else beautiful in life, the next level to be found in the Spring/Summer 2017 collection —in stores very soon— lays in the details, both when it comes to the individual pieces as which ambition the new designs overal represent. The new collection still finds itself aesthetically akin to the earlier designs, but the extreme refinement presents the high future ambition for the brand. With Partouche referring to Martin Margiela as a key inspiration for what Satisfy could be, the way space blankets (used to warm up marathonrunners after the race) have become part of the collection, still fitting the overal punk aesthetic, honors the high stakes inspiration in an ambitious, elegant manner and exemplifies the extraordinary vision where Partouche wants to take Satisfy in the future. (Which can’t be said for most people that currently find their ‘inspiration’ in the work of the genius Belgian visionary…)

We can only look forward where Partouche will take Satisfy, the soon to be released collection can only lead to more greatness, taking up a unique and highly ambitious position in the running universe, which we find a lot of inspiration in and therefore applaud loudly.

Brice speaking to us about the new collection:

I think I found the perfect balance between culture and performance in this third collection. I really pushed the cultural element to what I want to express, but also the technical elements were taken to the next level. That’s what I want Satisfy to be: combining a super technical pair of shorts with a crappy destroyed cotton t-shirt. I love the authenticity of that image.

All the fabrics are top of the bill, coming from Switzerland, Japan and Italy and everything is produced in Portugal. We also included some pieces made out of the silver space blankets that are used to warm up marathon runners right after a race.

In the same conversation Brice also shared his ambition make Satisfy available at the best running stores in the world, but as the rest of the field is still miles apart from moth holes and satanistic symbols, for now the brand is still carried at some of the most exclusive high-end fashion retailers around the world. Among which are Ssense, Voo, Matches, Roden Gray and Barney’s New York. The new collection will drop at all of them in the coming period.

The new collection will be available online soon