We recently became familiar with the Amsterdam-based REE PROJECTS, a young fashion brand developing collections for a women’s wardrobe with a main focus on pure, refined timeless pieces with an edge. Having just stepped out in the world with a sharp and clean breakout collection which we really like. The brand has been inspired by a ‘lost & found’ suitcase found at the Dutch railway station many years ago. The suitcase and its contents – a stranger’s wardrobe – are the conceptual starting point for both the REE PROJECTS brand and each individual design, be it now or in the future. The suitcase symbolizes the brand’s journey and the new collection of bags is the first step. We really like REE PROJECTS highly potential debut collection and accompanying imagery and look forward what the future will bring us from this new name.

A blend of design, quality, and authenticity resulting in a luxurious collection standing for unpretentious simplicity and effortless sophistication.

REE PROJECTS was founded by fashion designer Desiree Kleinen. After graduating from the renowned ArtEZ Institute of fine Arts in the Netherlands, and winning the Mittelmoda ‘Camera Nazionale della Moda Italian Award’ for the most creative collection in Italy, she worked in the fashion industry for many years for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and ILJA.

At the end of 2014 Desiree decided to fully focus on her own brand and follow her “Hara no mushi“: a phrase she picked up while learning Japanese, with Japan being one of her passions in life. “Hara no mushi” basically means “having a sixth sense, a strong gut feeling” and is core to what Desiree wants every REE PROJECTS design to express.

Authenticity is an essential element in every REE PROJECT, as design should not just look right but also feel right.

The elegant first REE PROJECTS collection will drop this August. See here for all stockists.

Photography by Violette Esmeralda, styling by Venus Waterman.

For more information and to eventually buy online see here.