Rapha Spring/Summer 2016

Last week, on the 3th of February, one of our favorite brands period; Rapha, presented its elegant set of new (and returning) designs of its different collections of cycling wear for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 season, shot once again immaculately by regularly collaborating master Ben Ingham, who this time shared the work with another talented eye in the person of Emily Maye. Having expanded significantly since its foundation in 2004, today the whole offering consists of the Pro Team, Souplesse, Women’s, Core, Brevet, Classic and City collections, all defined by riding style and purpose. With this complete set, Rapha underlines its leading position in producing some of finest, aesthetically pleasing clothing available for every road rider – both men and woman – on any kind of journey. We love the beautiful new color palette, being bold without losing its classic appeal, combined with the signature tremendous lines and cuts perfected for the road, continuing the brand’s position ahead of the pack.

From the front of the peloton to the city commute, Rapha’s garments are made to look the part and perform without compromise. Consisting of the Pro Team, Souplesse, Women’s, Core, Brevet, Classic and City collections, each range is defined by riding style and purpose.

In 2016 the London-based brand will be adding to their Brevet collection with even more garments for long-distance riding in changeable conditions. In the Classics collection all products come with a 30 day trial period and the Rapha mainstay and first ever garment, the Classic Jersey, has had 12 updates for its 12th anniversary. Pro Team Aero, made for hot weather racing performance, has evolved as we take learnings directly from our partnership with Team Sky, and the Women’s Souplesse and Classic Collections have expanded into more specific training and racing garments for every condition.

We are particularly fans of the incredible Rapha Pro Team collection, which is built for competing at the highest level, informed by four years of working closely with the best cyclists in the world: Team Sky. The partnership between Rapha and the professional cycling team has officially ended, but their insightful feedback from racing in all the big races makes the Pro Team collection the leading edge of Rapha performance technology: meaning a new breed of comfortable, lightweight and robust racewear made from innovative performance fabrics.

Another cutting edge collection of designs if you ask us. The different products will become available for sale over the course of the coming months.

Photography by Ben Ingham and Emily Maye.

For more information and to (pre-)order the collection see here