I completely missed the online update of Purple and just found out that the Purple Fashion Magazine is now available online, for free. It is designed in a really smart way, to keep the magazine experience but give you more reading and viewing pleasure. Some real next level magazine design.

Best thing in the magazine? Definitely the feature on iconic artist Matthew Barney, shot by his friend Ari Marcopoulos in his studio in Long Island City, New York. “At the time, Barney was preparing his recent exhibition at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery: a show based on myths from ancient Egypt. This story reveals — behind the glamour and dark phantasmagoria of Barney’s work — the picture of a Renaissance artist physically engaged in the chemistry, labor, and construction of his creations. All the artworks in this story were presented in a show at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery: Matthew Barney DJED, New York, 2011.”

Enjoy the whole Purple experience here >