Process Journal Edition Ten

We really appreciate Process Journal Edition Ten, which was released at the end of last month. Taking on the same revised format of the previous Edition, the tenth Edition is the first issue which solely revolves around one particular city, and what better city there is to start with than New York City. Shortly after the team commenced its research, the fundament of every edition, quickly realization grew that they were in the process of making something pretty special. New York with its incredible range of talent, work and diversity, basically serving as a melting pot of the most talented people worldwide, the choices between contributors for the issue were endless, resulting in a magazine which serves its readers an excellent string of inspirational stories.

Unlike previous editions, having the ability to specifically research a subject/location within the field of graphic design has proven to be incredibly insightful, and we feel this has resulted in more in-depth and revealing content than we have ever before produced.

The incredible list of contributors includes the likes of Michael Rock (2×4), RoAndCo, Triboro, Commercial Type, Pentagram and an essay by Jeffrey Ludlow (2×4). During a visit to New York, time was spent with Pentagram partners Natasha Jen and Eddie Opara in their beautiful New York office. Edition Four contributor Christian Schwartz (Commercial Type) we also given a re-visit and who ,along with partner Paul Barnes, have shared fascinating insight into their world of all things typographical for this Edition. And finally the talents of Triboro were kind enough to share their bespoke cover typography.

Process Journal is a product of MADE Publishers, a boutique periodical and book publisher with offices in Melbourne and New York, who are also responsible for the beautiful MADE Quaterly. Founded in 2007 by partners Thomas Williams and Amber Hourigan, MADE produces editions and books dedicated to design, photography, fashion, art, architecture, health & lifestyle. With an emphasis on quality content and high production values, several of their publications have been recognized internationally with various awards and accolades.

Process Journal Edition Ten, and subscriptions starting with Edition Ten are now available with free shipping worldwide here.