Pola Esther

We recently stumbled upon the thrilling photographic work of New London, USA, based photographic artist Pola Esther, who was born and raised in Lodz, Poland. As an artist Esther uses photography as her main platform for expression, with her fascinating series named ‘Mutual Attraction’ consisting of diptych collages, clearly showing her love of photographing nature, mostly human. The work of Esther reflects upon her intimacy, femininity and sexuality. Images with the figure can be provocative, encouraging us to peep through the keyhole, where behind lays a romantic and sometimes grim world full of the unknown. She produces a highly diverse color palette moving as broad as grainy, blurry black and white to silky pastelle-like colors in orchestrated romantic settings, sometimes juxtaposing different styles, creating wonderful little spectacles which continue to fascinate us.

I’ve always been seduced by active participation of the audience since I started making theater…and intimacy, energy, movement of the light…humor, fun, playfulness. That’s what drives my senses.

From an insightful article by New London Patch we’ve learned that Esther practiced experimental theater for ten years in school and studied theater at University of Lodz. After studying at the University of Lodz she moved to New London eight years ago and worked at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in the prop department. Out of a desire to continue her creative path in life with a different medium Pola picked up photography. Although she was unfamiliar with the art scene at the time, she created her own productions using her friends and various props including large rubber insects.

The first photography show of Pola Esther followed soon after in her resident town of New London, at Susan Madacsi named ‘Poliz’. Shortly after her first show she became a resident artist in the Hygienic, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating an enriching cultural experience in the city of New London. Esther’s second display was part of the 2010 artist in residence group show. The display was of numerous photos printed directly onto a bed spread that represented intimacy while the adjacent night stand, which had photos on sale for 96 cents, served to represent the release of those attachments.

The most recent show was named ‘Common Ground’ a collaboration by six artists to take an intimate look at the city of New London. As Esther was raised in Poland, with a large majority of Roman Catholic inhabitants, she was fascinated by the number of places of worship of different denominations available in a relatively small area in New London which resulted in an interesting series.

We look forward to what the future will bring the very talented Pola Esther.

For more information and more of ‘Mutual Attraction’ see here.