Pastoe x Tenue de Nîmes

We are very happy to finally share the earlier announced and just released Pastoe x Tenue the Nîmes collection, featuring special denim editions of two Pastoe classics: the FM06 lounge chair and the KM05 stool. The collection is based on the shared love for quality and craftsmanship by both the centennial Utrecht-based company and Tenue. Furthermore the collaboration underlines both companies’ philosophy of using sustainable materials and striving for simplicity, functionality and eye for detail. The FM06 lounge chair will be available in black steel wire with walnut wooden armrests and features a Kurabo-denim upholstered seat and back cushion, which has an exclusive leather patch attached at the side, showing both the ‘Pastoe x Tenue de Nîmes’ logo and its serial number. The KM05 stool also comes in black steel wire and features a detachable Kurabo-denim cushion, also with a leather patch containing the ‘Pastoe x Tenue de Nîmes’ logo. From today, both the lounge chair and the stool are available exclusively in the Tenue the Nîmes stores and online.

The denim upholstery is unique and has never been used before on Pastoe furniture. The fabric comes from the Japanese ‘denim mill’ named Kurabo; renowned among denim enthusiasts for its quality, exclusivity and traditional character. Over time and with usage, the characteristic denim wear will start to show and only emphasize the vintage look of the furniture. Every piece of furniture will get its own look and a one-of-a-kind identity, with everything in the collaboration marked with a certificate of authenticity.

The origin of the FM06 and KM05  lays in the 1950’s when Pastoe head designer Cees Braakman went to the United States to gain experience in terms of design and use of new materials in the furniture industry. Back in the Netherlands at that time, a particularly productive period commenced in which Braakman was pioneering not only for Pastoe, but for the Dutch furniture market and furnishing houses in the Netherlands as a whole. He is still regarded as a groundbreaking figure in the industry to this day. In 1958, he and Adriaan Dekker designed one of the first pieces of furniture entirely made from steel wire. Cees Braakman’s belief was that furniture should be produced in series, so as to be available to a wide audience.

Recently, the FM06 and the KM05 were taken back into production and are now once again part of the collection of Pastoe.

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