P Magazine

P Magazine is a Monterrey, Mexico-based, highly aesthetic annual object-book, with each issue published as a limited collector’s edition. The project was first announced in 2012, after which the debut was printed in the Summer of 2013. The impressive project – forming another great addition to the growing field of elegant printed erotisicm – was founded and created by the so-called supermodernist design studio Face, with its founder/head designer Rik Brancho also functioning as the Editor-in-Chief of P Magazine. Next to Brancho stand the other co-founders; photographers Mariana García, who’s also Rik’s wife and Cecy Young. Additional editorial design for the proejct was done by Cristina Vila Nadal. Following the successful sold out first edition – limited to 300 copies – the beautiful second edition was released in 500 copies at the beginning of this year – make sure to get one until it’s too late.

Editor-in-Chief Rik Brancho on the aspect of his work he likes the most, which in our eyes is directly reflected within his P Magazine:

I think the best projects are the ones that last forever, the ones that everybody understands, likes and that are functional.

For the impressive second issue of P Magazine a universal topic was chosen exuding romance, passion, sex and desire: Warm. This theme enfolds all of the aspects of the book, from the muted colors of the photography to the softness of the paper. The editorial design focused on showcasing the intimate, magnetic power of the content: we set margins and layouts that contrast, envelop and enhance the images, and we chose a collection of fonts that make for an easy, timeless read. The quality of the materials and the collateral products round up the understated, elegant beauty of the package.

Issue 02 features an impressive list of contributors from all over the globe, among which are named like Henrik Purienne, Akila Berjaoui, Olivia Malone, Napoleon Habeica, founding photographers Mariana García and Cecy Young, Vvcas, Derek Wood, Graham Dunn, Lukas Dvorak, Jonathan Leder, Ana Kras, and Conrad Rose, with the special contribution of an art film included in every book being directed by New York City-based Mexican filmmaker Cris Gris.

Face is a supermodernist design studio specialized in developing honest branding projects across the world. The catalogue of the studio – which they have been building since their foundation in 2006 – stretches from branding and advertising to packaging and custom publishing – including their two print magazines; the mentioned P Magazine and the magazine named Pages. The studio’s work shows great attitude, always creating a dialogue between tight craft and stimulating visuals, rooting from their self-proclaimed supermodernist approach to design. In their own words, which are definitely underlined by the P Magazine project:

Simplicity works.

For more information and to order the second issue of P Magazine before it’s gone see here.