Eleven-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater has just released the name and first imagery of his new, and highly promising looking, ready-to-wear brand named Outerknown. The name Outerknown references the furthest reaches of our knowledge today. It challenges the people behind the brand to build better, more sustainable products. It asks to lift the lid on the supply chain bringing the consumer along on our journey to transparency. Slater has put together a world-class team that includes co-founder John Moore as Creative Director overseeing product and marketing. Moore has collaborated with Slater in the past, and was recently named as one of GQ’s best new menswear designers of the year for 2014. 

About the upcoming launch of his line, Slater said:

We are tirelessly working on a brand that explores the relationship between style, sustainability and travel — timeless and functional design with a consciousness that will strive to have a positive effect on everything, and everyone it interacts with. As global citizens, we have an obligation to build better products and understand the way our consumption impacts others.

“We want to create product without an expiration date,” says John Moore of Outerknown’s design ethos. “We have a high regard for fashion, people and the environment. Our consumer travels for work and for pleasure and takes every opportunity to get out into nature, whether it’s surfing, hiking, or any other outdoor pursuit.” He continues:

There are surf wear brands, designer brands and technical brands, but we’ve seen the consumer’s need emerge for a transitional brand that brings together all three. Outerknown addresses this void in the marketplace between sports and luxury, and our investment in quality and responsible practices will warrant this elevated positioning.”

Outerknown’s website and inspirational Instagram feed are live for some weeks now and will provide ongoing news, updates and content from Slater and the brand.

The first Outerknown products will hit stores next Autumn 2015, with collections for both men and women.

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