Olaf Hussein 2014/2015

After we wrote about the first steps of Amsterdam-based denim label Olaf Hussein at the end of last year, a lot of work has been done by Olaf and his team. They presented their new collection during last Amsterdam Fashion Week and received a lot of rightful positive feedback after participating in the major fashion fairs. With their new collection Hussein en co put the mod back in modern; drawing inspiration from the stylish young men of the late fifties and implementing that within an updated appearance. Nevertheless from their clean aesthetics, to their razor sharp tailoring, traces of the mods can still be found throughout the entire line, mixed with contemporary details like bonded fabrics, drawstring hems and seams sealing tape; Olaf lifts the classic look to the current modern standards. The collection shows character and depth marking a serious step in the right direction for the Olaf Hussein brand, promising great things for the future.

Our favorite piece of this collection is the reversible denim jacket; made from a double bonded fabric produced at the high quality mills of Kuroki, Japan, which is finished with black and white rubberized snap buttons letting one easily switch it up throughout the day and go from a clean to a bold look by just changing sides.

Another winner in our eyes is the Tom Team jacket;  generally defined as a ‘coach jacket’, again with rubberized snap buttons, but also draw cords, ribbed cuffs, and most importantly an elegant Liberty Art fabric lining, promising a little surprise for the moment one takes the jacket off. Overall Hussein created a collection which feels together and fits within the North European fashion aesthetic, without feeling generic and with serious promising elements making one curious for the years to come.

Raised in Amsterdam, Olaf Hussein launched in 2010 as a denim label, producing top quality jeans that combine modern details with classic essentials. Now, for the third collection, the brand is carrying the same mindset behind its denim, through in its first full range line.

From the start, Olaf Hussein has had simplicity, quality and fit at its core. With its modern take on the classic 5-pocket style jeans, Olaf Hussein showed a vision for subtle luxury and understated items, something that struck a cord with retailers and press alike. After prestigious stores around the world, such as our own Tenue de Nîmes, Lui’s and 14 oz. started carrying the brand. With the new collection Olaf Hussein is continuing its momentum. Based on a believe in quality and timeless designs, the brand doesn’t adhere to seasons but chooses to create a line that’s wearable throughout the year.

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