Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

For the second installment in their Off Map series in which they partner with brands and craftsmen, accessory label Octovo has collaborated with Southern Oregon-based Tilley Surfboards of Jason Tilley. This resulted in an extraordinary series of five custom board designs. Constructed out of hand-shaped foam combined with custom-milled wooden skins, each board has its own beauty, showing both color and the natural beauty of the wood. The boards feature a leash cup made of titanium or bronze and come in a tailored bag made out of UV and water-resistant material. The bags are padded and reinforced at the nose and tail with leather covers for added protection resulting in a utmost elegant collection bringing together craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Something that is aesthetically pleasing makes for a more enjoyable ride.

Octovo creates lasting and beautiful tools for travelers. Developed as a special project within the renowned design studio, Ammunition, Octovo’s products spring from a series of design explorations focused on the role traditional carrying goods play in 21st century travel. Through their cases, wallets and bags the company strives to marry the familiar elegance and substance of classic products with design that is native to personal technology and connected travel. Octovo is the creative expression of the clear belief that the point of travel isn’t just about getting there, it’s about pressing against the world and experiencing what happens. The beautiful collaboration with Jason Tilley touches that particular sentiment spot on.

Craftsman and surfer Jason Tilley lives and works in the town of Port Orford on Oregon’s rugged southern coast. Tilley takes his part of the world and puts it into surfboards. A waterman from an early age, Jason credits his love for the ocean to his father, who was an avid sailor. Jason built his first board in college and rode it for many years in Oregon, then took it with him to Washington, Alaska, Baja, and a long stint on Maui. After graduating from the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, he migrated to Southeast Alaska where he found a life on the docks repairing wood fishing boats and yachts.

For eight years Jason lived aboard a 26′ wood cutter with his wife. They departed Alaska for a three year cruise, sailing and surfing their way to Panama. Returning to his native Oregon to start a family, they settled in to the coastal town of Port Orford where he built a home and shop for making his boards. With an un-relenting passion for fine craft, wood, good design, surfboards, and boats, Jason has never been far from tools or the water.

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