Oak Street 04

Although it was never mentioned here before, we have been following and appreciating the New York-based magazine Oak Street – the publication of fashion brand Frank & Oak – since it launched with the inspirational ‘The Progress Issue’ two years ago.  After two more issues since, it has just launched its fourth edition. The new magazine succeeds once again in featuring a range of captivating cultural player among which are rapper Joey Bada$$, creative director and fashion designer Brendon Babenzien, singer Shamir, Snarkitecture; the initiative of one of America’s most demanded contemporary artists; Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, and most importantly coverstar (although one hardly sees him) Justin R. Saunders of JJJJound, portrayed in his office. Make sure to pick up this super inspirational and elegant publication!

Oak Street is a bi-annual magazine that explores the intersection between work, culture, and community.

In the cover story our friend Justin R. Saunders, one of the more influential creative directors of the digital era, looks back and ahead in time. We have been following him from the very moment when we discovered his blog; JJJJound, early on after its launch – being the vanguard of the public mood board format (read: Tumblr avant la lettre) and was one of the earliest representations of the new territories created by art and technology. Since then he introduced FFFFound, did some outstanding curation and direction on exhibitions, released some highly hyped products (read: instant sold out drops) and moves in the circle of Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, respectively.

Another inspirational project with a very multidisciplinary approach being featured is the creative supergroup that was established in New York in 2008 and given the moniker Snarkitecture. Rather than make architecture, the interest of Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham lays in the exploration of existing materials within a space and how they might be manipulated to serve a new and imaginative purpose. The firm makes architecture do things it is not intended to do. The two creative minds are at the forefront of a new interdisciplinary field that marries architecture and art. Their work breathes new life into everything from retail spaces, like most recently the KITH store in Brooklyn, to gallery installations, among which the incredible Storefront design was a standout in our eyes.

Inspirational read!

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