Many modern skincare brands label themselves natural, but if you look closely at their ingredients almost none of them actually live up to the claim, mainly to guarantee a long shelf life. Motivated by how empty the signifier ‘natural’ has become in modern cosmetics, the newly launched Danish cosmetics brand NUORI has made it its mission to actually deliver what it claims. The brand only uses ingredients of natural origin and when they add actives to their formulations, only naturally occurring compounds such as vitamins and amino acids are chosen – resulting in a maximum shelf life of 12 weeks after which one has to start using new products. With its bold approach – which we love – of only using natural ingredients, the NUORI products are fresher than any other and form a unique addition to the market, available in Amsterdam at 290 Square Meters and in Paris at colette amongst others.

Freshness defines our reason for being and sets the bar for all aspects of the NUORI concept. From formulas and production to packaging and distribution, everything has been reimagined to optimize freshness of our products.

These days most skincare products are formulated to last at least 30 months as a result of regulation that was meant to increase consumer transparency, but has in fact resulted in the opposite. Long shelf lives have become the industry standard, and a large share of research and development is still dedicated to enhancing product stability. Numerous studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins A, C and E, are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They start loosing their beneficial properties in just a few months. In the race to artificially extend shelf live, the ideal of freshness has all but been forgotten.

NUORI’s first 100% natural, high-performance skin care collection consists of six products for the face and five for the body – taking a complete opposite stand to the modern cosmetics market’s standards. All products are being freshly produced every twelve weeks in small amounts in NUORI’s in-house Denmark-based laboratory. The packaging protects from air, light , bacteria and fungi, both before and during use. Because of NUORI’s unique approach all of their products have two storage life data: a date on which one has started and one to mark the end of use, maximally after 12 weeks. Ensuring the effect of the product to remain optimal.

When in Amsterdam make sure to check NUORI’s products out at 290 Square Meters at the Houtkopersdwarsstraat 3.

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