Nucleo for Gabrielle Ammann Gallery

The inspirational Torino-based art collective Nucleo, which is directed by Piergiorgio Robino, recently collaborated for the second time with Gabrielle Ammann Gallery for PAD 2014, the fair for 20th century art and design. With these last amazing creations by Nucleo, which were exclusively produced for the gallery, they explored the the symbiosis of wood and resin, while the new pieces also incorporate references to stone and metal fossils, resulting in the Nucleo’s representative blend of opposites; old and new, light and heavy, lost and strong and arousing the law of gravity and in their unique aesthetic which combines a highly futuristic sentiment with elementary organic forms. Stunning!

We particularly love the extraordinary ’Stone Fossil’ Quartz, a single block made of epoxy resin with a submerged organic material, a trunk cut from a 200-year-old Italian oak tree, in the liquid polymer with pigment added. The reaction between the two parts of the resin components creates the cracks as a natural process. The resulting hunk of verdant resin is raw and refined, and has a certain amount of light-catching glitz. It suggests mineral deposits deep within the earth while still retaining a sense of high design. The same ingredients were also used in the creation of the just as extraordinary Jade object, but with a green, hence the name, appearance.

Another element of the exclusive works for Gabrielle Ammann Gallery is named ‘Souvenir of the last century’. A collection of memories up-cycled into new physical forms. Nucleo explores materials, experiences and points of references, both fragile, lost and strong. The memories of the past century has been re-found in discarded materials marked from its era. Full of scars the material creates characteristics stronger than when it was new.

With ‘Souvenir of the last century’ Nucleo has restored and preserved memories, mummifying fragments from the past, and mixed it up with the physical presence, the action, of now. By creating souvenirs of the last century also souvenirs for the future has become materialized.

Nucleo is a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy. Active in contemporary art, design and architectural fields. Distinctive, curious and tactile, Nucleo draws comparisons between the past and the future. A theme that influences the perception of the ‘self’ and the surroundings. They play with the presumption of interlacing timeframes and exploring the space they create. With a focus on three dimensional shapes, the physical and tactile experience is an important part of the expression. With a clear interest working with history, the lack of history, and the creation of it. Aspects necessary to build a memory, Nucleo believes that through making a past of the future, it can create a curiosity of history that has not yet happened.

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