From the idea that some of us have everything, Pim de Graaff, an Amsterdam-based freelance copywriter created Nothing. His Nothing is a piece of wood with a matte black finish that intends to remind people to enjoy everything they already have, which from quite some perspectives can be seen as everything. The idea of Nothing emerged from Pim’s observation of people around him that have everything they need, including himself. Pim: “Year after year we don’t know what to ask for a birthday gift and many of us are searching for the thrill of tomorrow or the meaning of life.“

After research of materials and form Pim created his Nothing, a 2.6 x 2.6 x 5.1 inch piece FSC of certified wood with a matte black finish, each handmade and with a unique number. Pim:

Nothing reminds us to enjoy everything we already have. Seeing Nothing on my table at home makes me feel I don’t need more all the time. Not necessarily the newest iPhone. No new clothes just because. It gives me peace. I hope to share this feeling with others through ‘Nothing.’

The first 50 pieces of Nothing were released right before Christmas and Pim already produced his third batch, number 091 to 150. Stimulated after a tweet by Digg the first 90 spread out all over the world. In order to keep track were his Nothing travels Pim created a pinterest board and a world map in which he pins images of owners of Nothing.

For more information and to order Nothing see here.