Norwegian Rain Autumn/Winter 2015

Continuing where two of the most inspirational forces in fashion, T-Michael and Alexander Helle of one of our favorite outerwear brands; Bergen-based Norwegian Rain, left off last winter with the beautiful The Arctic Coat Collection, they now present the Autumn/Winter styles for 2015. As always purveying the ethos of the brand: creating some of the most functional outerwear on the market without compromising on style, with the extraordinary hi-tech elements hidden within the elegant designs with avant-garde touches. For the new beautiful seasonal imagery the brand teamed up with regular collaborator, photographer Bent René Synnevaag who joined forces with Japanese stylist Kanako B Koga, in a clean series portraying a collective of Japanese common men and a woman wearing the immaculate coats on typical locations for the Land of the Rising Sun, which has formed an important inspiration for the brand both aesthetically as in the exquisite level of craftsmanship.

A sartorial take on waterproof, extreme outerwear inspired by Japanese sensibility and life in the rainiest city of Europe.

Each of Norwegian Rain‘s exquisite garments consist of three layers; a highly water- repellent outer shell. A high tech waterproof and breathable membrane laminated to the inside of the garment. The third layer is the satin lining. This keeps the technical and the high-performance aspects hidden. A heat-sealing film is applied to each seam to eliminate water seeping through the perforations caused by the sewing process. Additionally each garment has a basic, yet functional construction that increases ventilation whilst keeping water out.

The key ingredient for the immaculate Arctic Coat Collection, of which the ‘Moscow’ is our favorite, is the combination of raw wool fibers with a small percentage PLA fibers, a ‘natural polyester’ derived from corn, a light weight, padded structure was created that normally is reserved for artificial textiles. By maintaining the breathable and superior insulating qualities of wool, the thickness of the wadding is drastically reduced, yet it expands the thermal qualities of the garment. Making the coats thinner than usual winter coats, but still as warm.

When visiting one of the upcoming major fashion fairs in Paris, Florence or New York make sure to meet T-Michael, Alexander and Wes and see the incredible collection first hand.

Photography by Bent René Synnevaag, styling by Kanako B Koga.

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