Norwegian Rain Autumn/Winter 2014

In its Autumn/Winter 2014 collection Norwegian Rain introduces two extraordinary new coats. The beautiful Moscow and Rive Gauche coat are the first products with which Norwegian Rain expands its waterproof philosophy unto the field of extreme winter coats. The brief for the coats was: “How to make a jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how biting cold it is, and in a stylistic way”, which was executed in the signature style designer T-Michael rightfully has made a name for itself with. Key element to succeed in the creation was finding a new partner who would be able to produce the premium thermal garments needed for the coats, matching the highest quality of the elegant waterproof garments from Japan used for the other coats of Norwegian Rain.

By combining raw wool fibers with a small percentage PLA fibers, a ‘natural polyester’ derived from corn, a light weight, padded structure was created that normally is reserved for artificial textiles. By maintaining the breathable and superior insulating qualities of wool, the thickness of the wadding is drastically reduced, yet it expands the thermal qualities of the garment. Making the coats thinner than usual winter coats, but still as warm. Inspired by the wonderful innovative qualities of the new garment two coats were created, fitting seamless within the Norwegian Rain aesthetic, both finished with a Icelandic shearling wool collar to also ensure the neck being just as warm as the rest of the body.

Next to the beautiful new coats, and the familiar coats Norwegian Rain is known for, the collection also feature some new great waterproof hats produced by Super Duper Hats and beautiful waterproof shoes. We love how Norwegian Rain keeps pushing its horizon through innovation of garments and new perspectives on design!

Photography by Bent René Synnevaag.

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