NOMOS Glashütte DUW 3001

It took around three years to develop – and it became ready just in time for the Baselworld show: NOMOS Glashütte presents the so called DUW 3001, a super impressive new standard caliber from its Glashütte watchmaking workshops. At only 3.2 millimeters, this motor is incredibly flat – flatter than almost anything else that selfwinds and is produced in series in the watch industry – and also extremely accurate. The few other automatic calibers available are either less accurate or extremely expensive. But NOMOS Glashütte will remain in its established price category. Nearly all the parts in DUW 3001 are placed between the base plate and the three-quarter plate.The ratchet wheel, for example, is now placed entirely under the three-quarter plate – and so needed to be made flatter than before. To avoid friction between the wafer-thin parts, a special new material was used; it has excellent, low friction properties, is extremely even, and is easy to form and harden. So impressive!

In DUW 3001, we reduced the usual production tolerances by up to 50 percent. Our new movement is produced with such high precision that it can be both — extremely flat and accurate.

The result is that DUW 3001 is a chronometer-standard, high-quality, and very elegant inhouse caliber – unique in the watch industry and, thanks to new machines and technologies, also ready for large-scale series production. Of course, just like before, the motor also contains a great deal of craftsmanship, the NOMOS swing system still sets the pace, and the renowned Glashütte characteristics feature: the three-quarter plate, Glashütte ribbing, tempered blue screws, to mention only a few. The new caliber therefore combines the best watchmaking craftsmanship and high-tech, and stands for both tradition and innovation – just like the research and development department at NOMOS Glashütte where it was created.

This is where the first automatic caliber from the watchmaking company was developed; the patented date mechanism and the power reserve indicator – also patented – were designed; as well as the intricate movements for the gold watches Lux and Lambda. The NOMOS swing system, which caused a storm at Baselworld 2014, also originated from this department.

Now the NOMOS watchmakers are on the starting blocks for series production of the new flat automatic calibers – and new watches featuring this movement will be available with retailers as early as fall.

We can’t wait so see how this tremendous innovation will be used in future models.

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