This week a new inspirational project was launched by Rapha. After the brand was one of the original backers of Rouleur magazine back in 2006, it now introduces an all new cycling magazine on its own named Mondial. The elegant and highly inspirational 160-page debut issue is available to Rapha Cycling Club members now, and will be available for the rest of the world in one week. Mondial aims to expand the idea of what road cycling is and what the beautiful sport can be. It will feature incisive longform writing and elegant photography which is one of the fortes of Rapha in the first place. In Mondial you will find familiar cycling topics given a fresh new treatment, while a cycling viewpoint is brought to wider cultural subjects, thus broadening the sport’s reference points. We have been eagerly waiting on a publication like Mondial and applaud how it is done so incredibly well, looking forward to what the inspirational new project will bring in the future!

Simon Mottram, the founder and chief executive of Rapha on their latest venture:

Our ambition for Mondial is to broaden the horizons of what road cycling is and what the sport can be. We have structured the magazine to take you on a journey, from familiar and comfortable ‘foothills’ to more challenging climbs and cols where the views are even more rewarding.

And continuing on the intrinsic motivations for Mondial:

Anyone addicted to road cycling knows the sport is about much more than fitness and gear. For road riders, the sport lies at the heart of their identity and is the lens through which they view the world. The past decade has seen an explosion in cycling media, both online and in print. Rapha believes it is time for the sport to show renewed ambition.

The magazine will be available for purchase from the 17th of July priced at £10,-, for more information see here.