Modern Design Review

Recently the first issue of Modern Design Review saw light, a great new magazine that offers a considered and curated insight into modern product and furniture design, art directed by Graphic Thought Facility and under Editor-in-Chief Laura Houseley. In the launch issue of Modern Design Review an insightful overview is given of the state of design today. Published twice a year and distributed internationally, Modern Design Review covers the best of the product, people and theory at the effervescent tip of the contemporary design world. The publication offers a considered and curated insight into modern design: original and creative storytelling, plus numerous of contributions from photographers, writers and designers, are what distinguishes Modern Design Review. The focus lays on ideas and themes, whether they are central or peripheral, committed to exploring modern design with the creativity and curiosity that the discipline deserves.

We hope this first publication demonstrates a new and compelling approach to communicating the thoughts and theories behind and around modern design.

The debut edition of the magazine features Martino Gamper, Yrjö Kukappuro and Muller Van Severen’s products presented in a carved, flower-arrangers foam brick, referencing the Japanese art of Ikebana. In the magazine also commissioned photography can be found by Matthew Donaldson, Marius Hansen, Osma Harvilahti, Angus Mill, Angela Moore, Kalle Sanner and a truly amazing editorial by Scheltens and Abbenes.

The magazine templates provide structure and plasticity that allows each feature to forge its own visual direction. The beautiful serif and sans-serif Modern Design Review headline typefaces were created in conjunction with Housestyle to compliment the Starling and Haas Grotesk fonts used for the text setting, making the magazine a rather perfect package to report on all interesting facets of the world of modern design.

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