With a new generation of (indie) game developers rising, slowly more and more elegant games are being created. Metrico, which is exclusive to the PS Vita is another one of those games. It is being developed in our hometown Utrecht by Digital Dream and has some traditional platform game elements which are uniquely based around infographics. It’s an atmospheric puzzle action game that strives to create a unique mindset of its own. The idea was born a few years ago out of the observation how beautiful infographics can look as an art form, which was reinforced by the fact that infographics have become increasingly important in contemporary pop-culture. While they haven’t made their way to videogames yet, Digital Dreams feels there’s a place where they can work exceptionally well. This not just because of their beautiful aesthetic, but also its actively changing data and how that can be visualized.

IGN which previewed the game several times says:

The beauty of Metrico is that it’s unpredictable. Just when you feel that you get what you’re supposed to do, You have to learn to do something else. You are forced to approach each situation in unique ways as you try to figure out how to proceed.

Digital Dreams consists of Roy, Geert and Thijmen. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, they share a large former bank building with other game developers like Ronimo (Awesomenauts) and Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), named The Dutch Game Garden. Digital Dreams started in AAA development but they quickly moved on to start their own company and work on their own projects. As a small indie company Digital Dreams strives to create elegant and meaningful experiences in the form of downloadable console games. Praise has been significant for Metrico so far, so one can only hope they will continue in the direction they are going.

Looking forward to the moment Metrico will be released, later this year!

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