Marbled Paper by Esme Winters

Last year we discovered the beautiful work of Esme Winter, who works under her namesake label together with husband Richard Sanderson since 2008. The British designers/pattern makers create some of the most elegant decorative paper – for instance their ‘Paper Collection‘ – being produced in this part of the world. The latest Esme Winter collection is a collaboration with Jemma Lewis, a marbled paper artist, who creates through traditional techniques, with everything she produces made in her garden shed in rural Wiltshire. Using the same techniques as the earlier Esme Winter hand-drawn geometric designs, the trio created a series of bold printed marbled papers which combine the extraordinary Esme Winter color palette and technique with Lewis’ beautiful free hand marbling, forming a tremendous hybrid of their individual strengths into the great ‘Marbled Paper’ collection.

We discovered Jemma in The World of Interiors magazine about two years ago. Since then we’ve stayed in touch, always with the intention of collaborating in some way. After many discussions, we both knew that we wanted to produce some printed marbled papers that conveyed the same depth of colour as an original piece.  Marbling is one of the earliest and most skilled forms of artisan paper decoration and by working with Jemma we have created a range of truly authentic, contemporary marbled papers.

Even before their joint operation, both Esme Winter and Jemma Lewis have always shared customers in bookbinding circles, who use the papers for endpapers and book covering, but most customers will use the papers for a special gift or occasions which fit their beautiful papers. One of those uses comes from a resurgence in origami, with a growing group of experts are creating beautiful work out of the beautiful paper.

The ‘Marbled Paper’ designs are all available on the Esme Winter website. Decorative boxes and gift tags are available later in October.

For more information and to order online see here.