Many of Them Magazine

We recently became familiar with the inspirational print project of editors-in-chief Antonio Maccaro and Pedro Canicoba, named Many of Them. The beautiful magazine has been released thrice now – in different forms – but always in a limited edition publication of 1000 copies. The aim of Many of Them is to offer a space for discussion in which creators can share their perspective about their own field, their languages and the problems they face in their everyday practices. It originally started as a diary in 2008 and it keeps evolving into different formats. All the images and texts are produces in-house, always intending to learn from the external collaborations for the new issues. In the Summer of last year the inspirational Volume III, named after Talking Heads’ classic ‘This Must Be The Place’ was launched featuring photography driven stories on creative leaders like the Cosmic Wonder restaurant, Junya Watanabe, Dries Van Noten, Paul Harnden, Khaven de la Cruz, Christophe Lemaire and Issey Miyake, amongst others.

Many of Them stands away from trends. Its purpose is to offer a haven where fascinating people can gather and timeless themes be addressed; to document the present and to become an archive for the future.

Next to the project being an elegantly designed publication (with the most recent issue reminding of another one of our favorites; the recently restyled Inventory Magazine), in everything one senses how deeply rooted the project is in the current leading creative culture with clear inspirations from music, cinema and overal aesthetic trends, which are bound together in their beautiful stories. The very first issue of Many of Them was released as a hardcover edition of 184 pages. A significant change came with the second issue – named after Wong Kar-Wai’s incredible film ‘Days of Being Wild’ – with a softcover and a staggering 600 pages, after which Volume III followed with 560 pages.

We look forward to Volume IV!

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