L’Écurie Time

Stockholm and Paris-based Romain Lenancker  is one of those individuals who continues to inspire us with his work in art direction and set design. Since his paper sculptures back in 2009 when we discovered his work, his portfolio has expanded progressively with everything he produces looking extremely impressive. His commercial work blends aesthetically perfectly with personal projects, and his latest project is once again both conceptually and aesthetically very impressive. For Paris-based agency L’Écurie, the art director created this amazing identity of their new division which will dominantly produce work for the watch industry. Instead of finding a specific angle within that context, Romain switched positions and decided to portray the agency as a watch horologium (or brand) in his signature elegant manner, making absolutely clear to future clients what kind of state of the art work they can expect of the new L’Écurie branch.

Romain Lenancker is an art director and set designer with an almost unparalleled eye for composition. His portfolio is living proof that it is possible to marry the needs of demanding commissions with arresting, thoughtful imagery. He’s particularly adept at using a limited colour palette to maximum effect, letting his superlative attention to detail capture and hold the viewers’ attention. He works as the Art Director of Intersection Magazine, which is the online and printed publication of Paris-based agency L’Écurie. Some of his other former clients are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Numero Tokyo, Purple institute and German Vogue.

For more information on the work of Romain Lenancker see here.