Rip Currents by Katja Kremenić

The latest series of Croatia-based photographer Katja Kremenić named ‘Rip Currents’ is a lovely one. The series documents Kremenić’ stay in Costa Rica over the course of January to April of this year. Kremenić beautifully translated the abandoned and romantic scenery of the  beaches of Costa Rica, creating the feeling that she and her companion were there only to be greeted by palm trees, tropical butterflies, and playing dogs in the water. The aesthetics of documenting and editing the story follows the concept which was started by Kremenić in her earlier series called Corse Noir shot during a month in Corsica, and recently awarded an honorable prize at the Slovenia Press photo awards.

Kremenić‘ Rip Currents shows similarity to Corse Noir not only in concept, but as in the earlier series the sea and beach have a prominent role as the iconic backdrop for the photographs. The photographs are grainy black and white depictions, shot on Ilford delta 3200 ISO film, solely with natural light sources, which in some cases resulted in scans with interesting visible shape formations. The images of Kremenić resemble the photographs of Hedi Slimane and even Henri Cartier-Bresson sharing a sentiment of romance which can be found in isolation.

Kremenić on her Rip Currents:

Under the enormous influence of the diversity of the visited land and it’s nature and the impressions I photographed what I experienced and found around me. It is less about finding intensity within everyday and more about encountering the new world, in a documentary but deeply personal level.

The photographer is planning to shoot a third, last, installment of her story this summer in the Adriatic Coast.

For more information on the work of Katja Kremenić visit here!