Inspirations — Katja Kremenić

We discovered the thrilling work of the Berlin-based Croatian photographer Katja Kremenić through her incredible series ‘Rip Currents‘, after which she has been creating a body of work in her signature romantic free-floating style – both for fashion orientated clients as her personal projects in which she has explored some of the most beautiful beaches of the globe, proving to be an everlasting source of inspiration in her photography. Blending her signature aesthetic in all areas of the work she produces, the photographer excels in translating emotions into her photographs. Making the fragmentations of her unique photographic gaze images which resonate through feelings rather than just the representation. As Kremenić has been such an inspiration for us in the last few years, we asked her about her inspirations.

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Katja Kremenić. I’m originally from Croatia, but I currently reside in Berlin, Germany. I’m a photographer.

Who is the most inspiring person in history and why?

It just would not feel right to choose just one. Mostly I’m inspired by those who live simply and create a lot. Somehow I’m always attracted by those who know they are special.

Who is the most inspiring person in your life and why?
My boyfriend.

Who is the most inspiring photographer?
Quite a few I think. Ansel Adams, Corinne Day, Bruce Weber, Peter Beard, to name a few…

And the picture that will always stay in your mind?
Nan Goldin’s ‘French Chris at the drive-in‘ New Jersey, 1979
Did not mean nothing special till I’ve seen it once in Stockholm some years ago.

Who is the most inspiring artist?
Can’t highlight just one right now. But if I could, he or she would probably be a filmaker.

And what is the most inspiring music?
Piano. And waves.

The thing you never go without?
A bottle of water. Phone. And sometimes a camera.

Your favorite city?
Always the one I want to visit next.

Your favorite hideout?
A long run.

The website you often check?
I don’t know. I’m a more random visitor. Lately I spent way more time on Instagram.
It became kind of a quick efficient tiny moodboard for next shoots or projects.

The books on your coffee table?
I hate to admit but I’m a total kindle person. Could not stand moving around with heavy boxes.
In the morning I usually read mails. Or some travel reads.
Currently I’m obsessed with Pico Iyer.

The books on your bedside table?
Just finished ‘What I loved‘ by Siri Hustvedt. And I really love autobiographies.
I’ve just bought Brigitte Bardot’s and Neil Young’s for late summer beach escape.

What is your dream?
To fulfill all the dreams I have! To live on the beach for at least half of the year for starters.. And to take more photographs.

What would you do if you could start all over again?

I’d pick up a camera a few years earlier.
There are some amazing moments and people that came and went I wish I had on photos.

Portrayed with the questions are images of some of Katja’s most recent work. Among which is her amazing work for beachwear brand Chapeu Beachwear, Parisian brand Club Petanque and some recent free work.

For more information and work by Katja Kremenić see here.