Journal de Nîmes Nº 6

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Our new Journal de Nimes Nº6 -The Dutch issue- is officially launched today. Because of the Tenue de Nîmes 2 year anniversary we felt it was the right moment to show you some of the great brands and concepts from our home country, the Netherlands. In this Dutch-themed release we report on some of the most desirable retail concepts from Amsterdam as well as an interview with Denham Brand Director Ad de Hond. On top of that we searched for -and found- some of the best Dutch export brands like Jimmy Woo, Spyker Cars and the absolute king of Dutch denim: G-star. And it doesn’t end there: with the 6th Journal de Nimes featuring an Amsterdam city map, the best vintage in town at Lady Day and a special on Dutch icons, you will understand why it is such an adventure to do a normally sized issue on the country you come from.