Jack Davison

The extremely talented young British photographer Jack Davison was just added to the roster of the incredible mini title agency. Being only 24 years old, his work inhabits everything for him to become a household name in portrait and possibly fashion photography in the coming years. We first noticed the work of Jack Davison when his ’26 States’ project was released, showing portraits from all over the United States giving a modern, honest and concise window into the Land of the Free. It first showed us his seemingly effortless talent for framing interesting images, underlining his tremendous talent with a camera. Davison creates both raw (portrait) images full of details and also more stylized observations, reminding us of photographers like Louis Faurer and Garry Winogrand on the one hand, with Philip-Lorca diCorcia shining through on the other side. Personally he has stated both Vivian Maier as Vivianne Sassen to be his biggest inspirations at the moment, which explains the broad aesthetic field he moves in. Keep an eye on this super promising talent.

I don’t really stop looking for faces, I approach people often and am always on the look out for someone new. I guess I don’t really rest in that sense, my eye is restless.

Jack Davison was born in 1990. After growing up in rural Essex, hoping to become a marine biologist or at the very least some kind of Amazonian explorer, he studied English Literature at the University of Warwick after high school instead. But as he continued to be obsessed with photography and being ‘tutored’ and inspired by the endless stream of photographs on Flickr – a powerful force for uniting like minded artists as he has stated – the decision was made to focus on his photography. After moving back and forth between Essex and London he landed a few editorial commissions and Davison is now full-time based in England’s capital, working as a portrait and documentary photographer – with his recently announced representation by mini title as a great step in the right direction.

England is inspiring me, I’ve been away from this island for 6 months or so shooting in the States [for ’26 States’], and I’ve come back and seen so many things again, things I missed first time round. Everything looks different. It’s been interesting to rediscover my home of 22 years. People wise, two Vivianne’s/Vivian’s: Sassen and Maier are really doing it for me.

Keep track of Jack at mini title.

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