Indigo Rain

Tenue de Nîmes have joined creative forces with Umbrella brand London Undercover to produce a special denim Umbrella. This striking accessory represents both brands perfectly: combining an established classic with a modern touch. The umbrella itself is made with an industrial strength traditional frame of natural beech woodwork which guides your eye to beautifully detailed artwork on the inside, made by Japanese illustrator Hiyoko Imai. The cotton flower illustration not only tells a story about denim, but also echoes the decorative nature of ancient parasols, which were often embellished with lavish, floral designs. It’s this attention to detail and perspective, combined with the modern element of denim that makes this such a truly special piece.

Made in France, home of denim and the waterproof umbrella, the accessory is available to buy through London Undercover & Tenue de Nîmes from Monday 29th November.
Specially for this collaboration Hiyoko Imai made a short video to explain the concept of indigo rain and the main character in her design: Mr. de Nîmes.