We have written about the beautiful CITIx60 Art Print Project by Hong Kong-based publisher viction:nary when it was released last November, and they now present another great project in the form of an inspirational book totally resolving around the Chinese character. Considered one of the most intricate writing systems in use, it holds a presence of typographic beauty comprehensible beyond language barriers. Thanks to the growing popularity of Asian cultures, graphic innovations of these centuries-old characters have begun to shine through in the world of modern design, demonstrating excellent skills at crafting ideas and visualizing abstract concepts within complicated forms. The publication by viction:ary gathers works from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and beyond, creating an incredible curation of the most interesting contemporary examples. Stylistically categorized chapters of logo designs and applications offer a close cultural insight into the art of strokes and structure of characters. It then expands the focus to identities, posters, packaging, advertisements and set design.

Gathering more than 100 winning works from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and further on; HANZI • KANJI • HANJA compares the capacity of some of today’s finest contemporary logograms to bespeak ideas for books, movies, campaigns, brands and celebrate traditions in modern context.

viction:ary specializes in visual arts and design, and connect visions and inspirations from the West and the East. With focuses on graphic design, illustrations, fashion, architecture, product design and contemporary art projects, their radar observes global designs that essentially present strong, original concepts and graphical approaches. Through creative collaborations and innovations in publishing, viction:ary aims to explore what’s up and who’s next in the creative realm and propose multidimensional angles to rethink and review design. Persistently pushing the boundaries, viction:ary’s commitment to quality in editorial direction and book design is widely rrecognizedby the industry and international media. With heaps of successful publications under our belt, we continue to give ourselves to elevate visual experiences and inspire readers inside and outside the industry, wherever they dwell in the world.

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