We love the beautiful outerwear by British brand Hancock that was founded in 2011. Hancock translates a wonderful authentic story into a brand of the highest standards, available for current generations. Inspired by the innovations of Brit Thomas Hancock, the brand offers a stunning aesthetic and quality. The marvelous garments are created out of the finest quality of natural rubber from the Siphonia Elastica tree, combined with impressive and luxurious detailing out of materials such as cashmere, mohair and silk.

All Hancock rubberised products are handcrafted in their factory in Scotland by two generations of experts. The craftsmen make use of vulcanised rubber bondings, which are cut and smeared by hand. The complex process out of which all Hancock coats are produced takes up to 3 years to master, underlining the highest level of quality offered by the brand.

As mentioned, the centre point in de the story of Hancock is outerwear pioneer Thomas Hancock. Already in the year of 1819 had the then 33-year-old begun to experiment with making rubber solutions, which resulted in his first rubberized invention, patented in 1820. A bold and fascinating move for the son of a cabinetmaker, who was destined to become just that, and who was working as a carriage maker before he began his experiments. The early inventions of Thomas Hancock, among other things, resulted in the use of elasticated cuffs for warmth, elasticated pockets to prevent pickpocketing and elasticated waists for a more elegant silhouette.

In 1825 Thomas Hancock began working with the famous Charles Macintosh to manufacture his “double textured” fabric. And finally on 21 November 1843, Hancock took out a patent for the now famous vulcanisation of rubber using sulphur, 8 weeks before Charles Goodyear in the USA, eventually resulting in the lovely and impressive collection of the contemporary Hancock brand that still profits from Thomas Hancock’s inventions.

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