Fuji Rock Festival

The festival season is opened and some of us live from weekend till weekend to enjoy the lovely weather, move their feet on good music and celebrate all the other good things in life.

For around a 100000 of us it’s going to be even better this month, they are blessed to be in the cool mountains in the beautifully area of Naeba (Japan) to witness Fuji Rock Festival. To be held from Friday the 24th untill Sunday the 26th. Besides the amazing line-up of both japanese and international artists, the delicious food, the friendly japanse people, this festival is one of the cleanest and greenest hosted on this planet. Fuji Rock Festival takes place in the mountains and the walks between the different stages takes you through a stunning nature with sparkling streams and amazing views…this all combined with great music and likeminded people it will be one of the nicest places on earth for 3 days…

Unfortunately I’m not able to attent this year but I hope to see you there next year!