Frama Studio Store

We have encountered their inspirational work repeatedly throughout the last few years, but only recently became aware of the extraordinary Copenhagen-based headquarter and Studio Store of Danish multidisciplinary design firm Frama. A little under four years ago, the firm traded their industrial space for the former home of the St. Pauls Apotek (pharmacy) which was established in 1878, respecting all of the building’s original woodwork and architectural elements, using it as a canvas to create something radically new. The synergy between the past and present elements of the space is a direct manifestation of how Frama defines their main interest within the creative field as a dialogue between two opposite poles; classical and contemporary approach – between digital and analogue production. In addition to their earliest interest of producing beautiful understated products — designed in-house, next to commissions to other Nordic creatives — in recent years a new focus on interior design was added to their activities, showing that remarkable signature of blending old and new materials, contexts, and influences within every project. The inspirational level of multidisciplinarity in the complete output of the firm today, makes the Studio Store more than just a ‘showroom’ for their product, but forms an incredible Gesamtvision for Frama’s aesthetic design discourse and ideology. And it is exactly this, beyond that we really appreciate their design vision, what makes Frama one of the firms we feel is spearheading creation with a contemporary mindset. When in Copenhagen, make sure to directly step into their universe located at Fredericiagade 57.

Frama speaking with Sight Unseen on their overarching design vision:

Simple, refined, and resting on strong geometry with the material clearly in focus.

Within the different collections of Frama, named ‘Permanent’, ‘Studio’, ‘St. Pauls’ and the recent ‘Study Collection’ – the design firm operates in various creative fields and directions from furniture, lighting, apothecary, books, apparel and kitchens; touching a diverse field of elements that make up one’s life (style). Everything that is created by Frama has in common that they focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency. The pieces within the collections signal a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and simplified. Working within the area of design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design.

Besides offering the variety of the different Collections, the Frama practice offers complete interior management and develops site-specific design solutions and curate a sur- measure scenography in close collaboration with architects and users, from the starting idea until its final materialization.

The Frama Studio Space is located in central Copenhagen within the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder at Fredericiagade 57. It is opened Tuesday through Saturday between 11:00 and 17:00 (Saturday until 14:00).

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