Flower Contemporary

Flowers are associated with all the major events in life, whether celebratory or commemorative, but they also color our everyday existence and enliven the spaces around us. The extraordinary ‘Floral Contemporary: The Renaissance of Flower Design’ by the very inspirational curator Olivier Dupon and published by Thames & Hudson, gives an amazing overview and wide array of options how to implement flowers within all those occasions. Through the work of 38 floral designers, flowers for every occasion are presented in an utmost elegant manner; whether public decorations for weddings, arrangements for banquets, installations for shops and hotels, accessories for fashion shows, exhibits for art shows or private, in the form of simple but special displays for the home: which resulted in one of the most beautifully curated and designed books on the beauty of flowers we have seen.

Organized in alphabetical order, each florist is introduced with a short biography, then in their own words they explain the stories behind their floral arrangements. Illustrations, 342 in total, include portraits of the florists, shots of works in progress and full-colour images of glorious finished displays. As a visual refreshment for stylists, florists and design professionals, and an indulgent treat for anyone who loves flowers or decorating their own space, this book is as inspirational as the subject itself.

The very tasteful Olivier Dupon began his career at Christian Dior. He expanded his expertise in the fields of fashion and lifestyle by working as a buyer and product manager for several large retail companies before opening his own boutique in Australia. Now based in London, he scouts international markets in search of design, art and craft objects to use for his projects and has translated that vision to several publications. The earlier just as excellently curated books by Dupon for Thames & Hudson are The New Artisans, exquisite The New Jewelers and The New Pâtissiers, to which he now adds the world of flowers, completing in many ways an all-round vision on how to elegantly fill in key elements in life, but we are sure (and hope) there is still more to come from the mind of Dupon in the future.

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