Feral Futures by Coloni and Studio Aikieu

During last week’s London Design Festival the super fascinating Plants Out Of Place initiative curated an exhibition with a selection of inspirational projects to introduce its mission to the public. The London-based initiative seeks to engage with the world to re-consider the value of wild plants and how we may utilize them to design for a better future – a vision through which they created a sensory event aiming to trigger the public on an experiential level to question the values and approaches to sustainable practices. The exhibition showed an overall high standard with work by inspirational names like Studio Drift and Drink Factory, yet we are most impressed by the work of our favorite; Coloni which combined forces with Studio Aikieu, resulting in some of the most beautiful imagery we have seen in months.

An exhibition celebrating the life of misunderstood plants. To unveil lost knowledge and narratives that challenges our perceptions and facilitates wider appreciation of the unwanted and unseen.

kbA35QXdD7NtrrZd0cIiBU9fhOG2_sLnN5DZHEqkamI,_LZmTuV3CYOkcoO4fcjh_38fj0MKEW10SCOo1T0NrXs‘Feral Futures’ by Coloni and Studio Aikieu seeks to highlight the importance of reconnecting with our natural environment and with our primitive state to rediscover the essential resources in abundance in our natural landscapes in an era corrupted by consumer culture. Each of the plants selected for this project demonstrates the variety of uses that each weed can offer to the human race. A playful, futuristic look at how mankind will survive in the future if our technological systems fail us, cultivating tools from our natural landscape and reconnecting with our primitive state to endure a post-apocalyptic future which embraces the wild.

These [portrayed] species are seen as intruders causing anarchy by growing in unwanted spaces. This brings to question on how humans try to control nature but nature has its own agenda. All species have in themselves a value, only by existing, independent of the values humans ascribe to them. As a contribution to overlooked plants, this project is a study of the personal characteristics and life of these plants.

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