Editor’s Index

Editor’s Index is an ever-expanding independent studio project with a focus on artisanal aprons, started in 2010 by the very talented Kimmy Eliot Fung, who at the very start only possessed primitive seamstress skills. Hobbled from a few school classes and her mother’s excellent but fluctuating influence. The first apron Kimmy created was as a nameless endeavor for a printmaker, which eventually was used and loved for four years, marking the quality of the products from the beginning. Later approaches for aprons were received in a similar fashion: working friends, and even Kimmy herself, looking for something useful, aesthetically appealing and industrious. Working in wonderful places with beautiful interiors and carefully crafted details asks for something paralleling this grace and actually keeping clean and functional: the clear focus of Editor’s Index, which Kimmy has slowly been expanding since.

I strongly believe in the power of fashion in our everyday lives. Life is not usually about the special moments that you can control and dress up, instead the external space in which we move and work are as, if not more important—they simply vastly outnumber the other moments. Style is a sense of being and looking, a way to externally communicate internal ideas. I want to offer that self-expression and ownership to craftspeople, artists and the working public. Studio clothing is inherently a gesture, and it can be beautiful, practical, and cool.

Currently Editor’s Index offers well considered aprons which have been designed with function and form in mind. Crafted from either 10oz cotton duck or 9.5oz Japanese Hickory denim stripe canvas in a New York studio, the Lock, Half and Cross aprons are quiet, simple and industrious in design while offering protection and utility.

Ultimately, the aprons I create exists as utilitarian objects and I would not want them to be any other way. They are not precious articles of clothing but tools for working. Their poetry exists in their usefulness and minimalism. My studio is conceptualized on understanding taste, dissecting form, and minding the manners of design. E/I creates products but it is equally invested in ideas. The name “Editor’s Index” is a reference to references. The philosophy behind the brand is deeply integrated within my own artistic vernacular—rooted in a visual expression that’s intellectual, honest, and sentimental.

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