Last week I came across this beautiful project by Japanese photographer Yu Yamauchi. For almost five months straight – four years in a row – 600 days, Yamauchi lived in a hut near the summit of Mr Fuji at 3000 meter above sea level. Every morning he went out, capturing the dawn from the same location, resulting in this amazing series of images entitled ‘Dawn’.
Just imagine, living there at this this airy mystical place for 600 days, watching these scenes unfolding… It gives us the rare opportunity to experience the incredible spectacle of Earth waking up from the perspective of one of the planet’s most breathtaking scenic points. Simply amazing.
And if you are in NY, make sure to visit Miyako Yoshinaga gallery at 547 West 27th Street where you can see Yamauchi’s Dawn until the 21 of November.
(via Spoon Tamago)