Curated Nº 3 — Calepino

The third Curated gift I’ve selected is in line with the first two, inspired by my love to travel.
Almost a year ago I received a package. It was a little gift from Fabrice, a young man from Nantes, France, who’d started his own business and had done something that I dreamed of for years: Creating his own notebooks called Calepino. Classic ruled, graph and plain notebooks, together with simple pencils, all made in France, and all in a perfect size tp carry around while on the road.

The name Calepino comes from the French word ‘Calepin’ what ‘small notebook’ means. That word comes from the Italian lexicographer Ambrogio Calepino who, more than 500 years ago, wrote down the first multilingual encyclopaedia. Over time his name became synonymous with collections of notes and reference books. And so is this beautiful classic notebook, created in a time where we move all our notes to the cloud, a tribute to the founder of the notebook, and an ode to a journey from Italy to France, to the Netherlands, and wherever the journey brings you.

Exclusive for my Curated subscribers Calepino created this special ‘Kit du Voyage’ containing the Carnet de Route Patterns & Notes and the Route du Crayon.
Special thanks to Fabrice Richard from Calepino for the inspiration and the great work on this beautiful collection of notebooks!