Crate Serrote

We love the latest additions to the beautiful collection of Lisbon-based Serrote. Expanding their horizon beyond just notebooks, the company introduces Crate Serrote: a wooden crate filled with ten blue and white products  by Portuguese manufactures, especially made for this box. Included in the box, but also available separately, Serrote also introduces a new notebook and a new notepad. The Starry Notebook is a notebook for those who like to watch the movement of the stars and draw lines in the sky. And the Celestial Notepad is a notepad with 144 pages of four different tones, interleaved with each other, which reproduces the colors of the sky.

Crate Serrote, which is limited to 100 numbered crates, was conceived and designed to be enjoyed outdoors under a blue sky or a starry sky. Communication systems, cutting tools, office supplies, woodwinds, or distinctive badges of skilled handwashing clothes staff can be found in this survival kit to be used in the wild or in the concrete jungle. The colors of blue and white soap inspired the aesthetic of the content of the crate, as all products carry these two colors.

The first thing one finds in the crate are two beautiful semaphore flags which can by used according the system of visual communication, where each party uses two hand-held flags to exchange messages. Complemental to the semaphore flags, a cheat sheet with the code to send and receive messages is also included. The next item is a sailor’s fish-pocketknife, designed especially for this crate. It has round tip blade, blue handle embossed in white on both sides with the figure of a fish.

Two pairs of a blue and a white sock are also included in the crate, just as two round badges embroidered with polyester thread. One is embroidered with a cement laundry tub and a bar of soap, the other with the Ursa Minor constellation. A cotton yarn can also be found in the crate, to tie packages for instance, or to play Cat’s Cradle and make macramé. The familiar notebook which is included is the Blue and White Soap notebook we wrote about earlier this year.

The new notebook and notepad included in the crate are once again showing the high standard of interesting products Serrote produces. The cover of the Starry Notebook, which is the twenty-ninth notebook produced by Serrote, is printed in letterpress with the Ursa Minor constellation and Polaris star pictured. On the inside a detail is printed of the celestial sphere of the northern hemisphere. To discover the existing constellations or invent new ones.

The limited to 366 copies Celestial notepad is an attempt to recreate the colors of a blue sky, in all its hues. It consists of 144 plain pages, of four different tones, interleaved with each other, which produces a gradient from blue to white and reproduces the colors of a daytime sky. All pages are perforated to be detached. We love this perfect set of products stacked together in the crate by Nuno and Susana!

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