Coloni Spring/Summer 2014

We absolutely love the new collection by Sweden-based gardening house, and one of the most elegant companies worldwide; Coloni. For Spring/Summer 2014 the company has explored the field of species for growing on balconies and other small spaces. By focusing on these species with a wild character, such as meadow flowers and different kinds of grasses, and combining them with species that have a graphic and dramatic character the aim is to create seed mixtures with a natural and less structured feeling. Inspired by the rhythm of day and night and its different moods, the collection named From Dusk Till Dawn consists of the seed mixtures Early Shades, Harvest Noon and Into the Night.

Early Shades is like the sunrise; gentle and yet intense. Sleepy flowers, waking up with the morning sun and closing as the day ends. In tinted colours, smooth as silk, of cream orange, yellow and pink. Early shades consists of sun-loving species with brittle stems and silky flowers that wake up with the morning sun and closes as the day ends. Species; Limnanthes douglasii, Eschscholzia californica “Appleblossom bush”, Eschscholzia californica, Eschscholzia cali- fornica “Bridal bouquet”, Papaver crocus.

Casual, unpretentious and wild are elements summing up Harvest Noon. A multitude of impressions on a single day. Both quiet and sprawling. Mild and tranquil green hues with highlights in red and blue. Harvest Noon is an annual seed mixture with a natural, wild and meadowish feeling. Its consists of characteristic grass species with decorative puffs along with flowers that stand out as high- lights. Species; Briza maxima, Hordeum jubatum, Papaver rhoeas, Gilia tricolor, Lagurus ovatus.

And finally Into the Night: fearless and wild at heart, like its name suspects. Dramatic and dark with intense flowering. A graphic appear- ance in black, white, indigo and purple. Into the Night consists of shade-loving and intense flowering species. The small-growing species stands out for its graphic details such as frosted white edges, speckles, coloured veined petals and geometric spots. Species; Collinsia heterophylla, Nemophila “Freckles”, Asperula orientalis, Nemophila “Penny black”, Nemophila maculata.

Coloni is a Sweden-based gardening house founded in 2010. In collaboration with a horticulturist, Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of gardening which includes seed mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view and plant care accessories. The aim is to create a concept which engages the user and becomes part of ones lifestyle. Something to create a relation to and follow in its different stages.

For more information see here. Coloni is also available online at Misc Store.