The History of the Colette Gallery

Two days ago the first collaborative effort between Christian M. Andersen’s Creative Future and the iconic Parisian concept store colette was launched for pre-order. Compiled as a close collaboration between de two parties involved, the elegant book which was created examines not only colette’s affiliation with art and design, but also the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of the many artists that have worked and exhibited with colette since 1997. The project took more than one-and-a-half years to develop and features a long list of notable artists including KAWS, André Saraiva, José Parlá, Kevin Lyons, Erik Parker, Curtis Kulig, Michael Dupouy, Pedro Winter and Julia Chiang. In addition, the cover artwork of the book is created by the Brooklyn-based artists, KAWS.

The book forms a testament to colette’s importance for contemporary culture and a curated document of the artists that have worked with the store since 1997. Not only through examining the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of the many artists that have worked and exhibited with colette over the last eighteen years, but also by showing their (close) relationship and affiliation with colette. With comprehensive knowledge, elaborate conversations and in-depth discussions, this book gives an honest, personal and authentic look into not only artistic history of the colette gallery and its more than two hundred exhibitions, but also the individual creative practices of the individual artists.

From the studios of the each artist, to the walls of colette in Paris, this project took more than one and a half years to develop – something that proved to be revelatory. Ultimately, this has engendered a unique and elegant limited edition hardcover book that is as much nourishment for the mind as cannoli for the eye.

Founded in September 2011 by 21-year-old design student and artist, Christian M. Andersen, Creative Future is an ongoing art project that strives to push new boundaries within the multidisciplinary parameters of art and design. Aimed at embracing the comprehensive knowledge and artistic processes of some of today’s most talented creative individuals, Creative Future works with a long list of established artists, photographers and designers on projects within a wide array of artistic disciplines. Specifically dedicated to the art of printing, project is devoted to designing, producing and publishing beautiful limited edition books with meticulous care and attention to detail. With an imprint to produce elegant artists’ books that aren’t only artistically comprehensive, elaborate and in-depth, but also actual objects of art, every edition published by Creative Future is created from the ambition of the highest production value possible.

To pre-order the book see here.